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New Patient Reviews:

Expectations Were Exceeded

All high expectations were exceeded with Dr. Porter. He is thorough, informative, and skilled, and after two visits, I not only feel significantly better, I have plan to ensure I return to, and remain, in my healthiest state. I can’t recommend him enough.
-Heather A.

Highly recommended!!

From the little time that I have been seeing Dr. Porter, I can see that he is a great chiropractor. On my first visit, I came with a few different problems and or pains in my back or neck and after that first visit, they were basically gone and feel a relive in my upper back and neck area. I’m excited to see the progress that we can make with a few more sessions. As an athlete, I feel even better knowing that Derek himself has been an athlete too for a long time and most likely has a wider range of knowledge than the average chiropractor. Highly recommended!!

-Arturo S.

Very Pleased With Progress Made In A Short Amount Of Time

Many thanks for all of your help. I’m very pleased with the progress made in such a short amount of time. I greatly appreciated such a thorough assessment and explanation of findings as it has been most helpful at making sense of what’s been going on with my body. I’m very confident that my performance in the weight room will be strong again in no time. Thank you!

-Kelsey D.

Helped My Painful Neck

I came to see Derek Porter out of desperation with my painful neck and increasing stiffness and lack of range as my muscles were seizing to protect the neck. I had never been to a chiropractor before and had no desire to go to one. My son insisted as he has been helped so much as an elite sportsman. I think you could say that I was scared having anyone “mess with my neck”. After two visits my neck has markedly improved. I can shoulder check in the car comfortably and the frozen in place neck feeling is gone. I felt very well treated and am a convert. Thanks Derek.

-Eva W.

Very Happy

I am very happy with my first visit with Dr. Porter. I really like that he does Applied Kinesiology and that he states on the website that “the patient is in control.” I also like that he knows what he is doing and will keep my treatment relevant and moving forward no matter the stage of my progress.

-Amy H.

Warm, Upbeat, Approachable

Your premises are in a pleasant location (usually with free on-street parking), and inviting from the outside; the inside is cozy and attractive. I like the ambient lighting and the peaceful calm, “quiet as a nun,” to quote Wordsworth.. The waiting room and consulting rooms carry interesting magazines, a couple of which I was not familiar with.
Jordan, at Reception, is professional and friendly. She is unfailingly efficient and helpful.
Dr. Porter is fully alive, human, and authentic (not hiding behind a pseudo-professional front). He is warm, upbeat, approachable, and obviously passionate about chiropractic. He cares deeply about his clients and how he can help them and they can help themselves; he listens and observes intently; he is a wellspring of helpful information and clearly a master practitioner of his science and art.
I particularly appreciate the proactive, preventative emphasis of Dr Porter’s practice, and also how he works together with clients to engage them actively in their own treatment (e.g., by being transparent about what he is doing and why, providing an informative website and blog, etc.)

-Meguido Z.